January 25, 2012

Just me and my blog

Today while surfing through the net, I stumbled upon 'My Blog' and thought to write something after being dormant for last 3 years. Really a long period has been elapsed since the last post was put up. I switched couple of jobs; prepared for civil services- failed in the very first attempt - left the preparation; joined another job; settled in a public sector company; got married; developed an interest for psychology-music-billiards-trekking and doing post graduation in industrial and organizational psychology. Many incidents and events could have been included in the list to make it exhaustive but the purpose is not to inundate the post with the facts and uninteresting details. Rather it is the narration of nostalgic come back to a place which I used to visit very often during my college days. When I try to recollect the memories of those times, I remember the drive for opening up the blogger account and kept writing for it. Perhaps the motivation was twofold -
(i) To develop myself: As was told to me by everyone that writing  continuously usually helps to develop good English beside giving ideas and thoughts a concrete shape. I chose Blog as a better option than to maintain a hand written notebook.    
(ii) To emulate a Role-model: Being cognitively and linguistically weak, I used to get influenced easily by some proficient speakers and writers of my age. I tried to emulate them by developing similar hobbies like writing poems, writing blog, reading novels & books etc.    
 Now, after three years, I ask myself about the drive which compelled me to come back and penning down my thoughts. Contrary to earlier ones,  the only motivation this time has been to Enjoy my writing. Let me write, think and enjoy aimlessly. No one to follow. No one to emulate. Just me and my blog.     

November 14, 2008

about myself

I am a new born baby who lived so far unconsciously with a particular frame of reference finds extremely difficult to perceive and hence to define this world. My set of assumptions and principles, that were defining my uniqueness and personality, are vacillating and hence resulting into feeble decision making. I feel myself more perceptive- not judgmental – with all my senses trying to formulate new sets of assumptions and principles. Certainly-with a new frame of reference- the definition of ‘I’ would have some relevance.

March 23, 2006

December 03, 2005


होगा सवेरा चौखट पर फिर, अंगडाइयाँ जब दम तोडेंगी।
ऊषा की प्रथम किरण इस मुख पर जब अंकित होगी।

हे मेरी प्रियसी ! इन पलकों के खुलने से पहले तुम इनमे समा जाना।
मेरी धमनियों में रम जाना।

फिर मैं इन नयनों को खोलुंगा.....बस एक कृपा और कर देना।
इन नयनों से कभी निकल न जाना।
कभी निकल न जाना।

November 09, 2005


The process of thinking has been changing quite drastically as many things happened in last few days and I learnt a lot from them.
I don't know what's happening with me? Even I am unable to recognize these changes. This materialist world doesn't fascinate me anymore. Books have become my only best friend. I want to live with them only. Rest seems to me as useless and senseless.
I'm an optimistic person and hope that these changes will also help in some way in the future.

November 07, 2005

I'm back

sorry for not writing anything in last few weeks. I was a bit busy in my usual affairs. But now all that things are over and I'll try to be regular with you my dear blog.
Many things happened in last one month, some are good while some are bad. The good thing is that I have dropped the idea of doing MBA after my graduation and have started preparing for IAS. The bad news is that I haven't written any poem so far after 'Sarhad' but will definately try to write something in next few days.
Let's hope to come back to original life.

September 29, 2005


जिंदगी हर पल नए सवाल खडा करती है. . . .

सवालों में हर बार इक पहेली हुआ करती है. . . .

कब तक इन पहेलियों में जकडता जाऊंगा मैं.....

कब तक अपने विचारों से लडता रहूंगा मैं.....

पता नहीं पर....

अन्‍त की तलाश में शायद खुद मैं एक पहेली बन गया हूं।